An online portal that allows utility companies to log on and view every AccessH2O customer under their jurisdiction and exchange information.

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AccessH2O Spr2022

The AccessH2O Web Portal is a space for both AccessH2O admins and utility companies to easily view information from customers who have applied for financial assistance as well as be informed of each customer’s status throughout the entire application process. Utility companies are able to provide the necessary information and documents for each customer in order for AccessH2O admins to determine customer eligibility. This serves as a centralized communication system for both users and is accomplished through the ability to clearly view each customer in a standardized table as well as view and modify their information accordingly. Furthermore, each user is able to add notes to any customer to indicate additional concerns/questions that one might have, providing an extended place for correspondence.

Access H2O

Our Client


AccessH2O is a nonprofit that provides financial assistance, education, and support to individuals and families experiencing temporary financial hardship to avoid water shut-off. They communicate with their customers' respective utility companies to obtain individual information regarding eligibility status to determine if the customer meets the requirements to receive aid.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

AccessH2O is looking for an online portal that utility companies can log on to and view every AccessH2O customer under their jurisdiction and exchange information needed to determine the eligibility of customer, track status of application, and follow progress from start of the program to the completion of their utility plan.

End-User Goals âš½

The nonprofit is looking to input individual accounts as clients apply, and then assign them to their respective utility companies. AccessH2O is envisioning the utility company being able to view individual accounts and go through a checkbox system to validate account information. They are also looking for a feature to notify utility company employees about any missing information needed for eligibility determination, or if there is new information that utility companies need to communicate back to AccessH2O that would cause a customer to be removed from the program.

Technology 💻

AccessH2O uses a standard React web app using Next.js for API routes and server-side rendering, and MongoDB for storing data. Our authentication system is cookie based, with one admin account for AccessH2O.

Our Solution

Key Features


The Dashboard/Customer Table View is the landing page that the user will see after logging in and displays a table that holds all customers who have applied for assistance. This allows a user to quickly view customer’s basic information, including status, and add, delete, and create notes on customers. Admins can also add utility partners from this page.


Customer Information Page

Upon clicking on a specific customer, the user will be able to see the customer information in more detail and determine eligibility based on provided information. Here, users can access the customer’s information in more detail, including eligibility documents and any additional notes left by the Utility Company, and can change the customer’s status after viewing the information. Users may indicate the need for more information/clarification to the Utility Company by adding notes.


Edit Form

Admins are able to edit, add, or delete the existing eligibility requirements that are seen on the Customer Information Page. These changes will be reflected in customers that are added after the change. In the Edit Form, users can view the current eligibility requirements that customers need to fulfill, add requirements, and rephrase/change wording of a specific requirement.