Connects wounded service members, as well as those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, with A.D.A. compliant service dogs through a mobile application.

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About Project

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We aim to develop a mobile application for Healing4Heroes to help veterans log canine training hours. Users can upload filmed training in a way that is more accessible and convenient leading to an increase in training logging and documentation. test

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Our Client


Healing4Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an aim to provide service dogs to veterans at no cost. To do this, Healing4Heroes offers a trainer program so local rescues can become ADA compliant service dogs under the care of veterans needing assistance.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

A mobile application which allows Healing4Heroes to view veterans’ logged data, upload health information about the rescue dogs, and send out announcements on the app to notify clients about upcoming events.

End-User Goals âš˝

The mobile application should allow veterans to upload footage, access photos and videos, input training hours completed for that day, what training was done, track total hours completed to reach the next reward offered by Healing4Heros, and upload health information about the rescue dogs, thus acting as the central training database.

Our Solution

Key Features


The profile allows a user to input their information, along with their handler and dog information, allowing Healing4Heroes to keep track of the user and service dog's progress and well-being

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The Dashboard of the Healing4Heroes App is the central home for the user. Here, announcements to keep users up to date, the user's profile, training progress, logs, and service dog's health information are easily displayed for quick accessibility. The Dashboard also has a section for new, current, and past logs, allowing users to quickly log new trainings and view past progress logs.

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Logging Hours

A key feature that's integral to the purpose of the Healing4Heroes application is the ability to easily log training hours and details. Within a training log, a user can fill out everything needed to get an overview of what the training session looked like, including total training hours, skills displayed/worked on, behavior description, video logs, and any additional information. These logs are then saved to the user's profile so they can easily go back to see the progress made and where to pick up in the following training session.

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