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A comprehensive website that broadens the reach of Healthy Families, Healthy Futures mission to aid families in search of a healthier lifestyle.

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HF-HF About

Our team is building a comprehensive website for HF-HF, so that they can have a central site for their donation portal, newsletter, and extensive nutritional education content. Our mission is to build a platform that will broaden the reach of HF-HF's mission to aid rising families, and provide the organization with a site that can be demonstrated to potential sponsors.

Healthy Families, Healthy Futures

Our Client

Healthy Families Healthy Futures

Healthy Families, Healthy Futures is a nonprofit that strives to promote a healthy lifestyle through hands-on education that broadens people's knowledge on healthy eating, cooking, and shopping habits as well as resolving food systems with food desert issues.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals πŸ₯…

Healthy Families, Healthy Futures hopes to create an extensive network that can broaden the scope of their mission. Currently, HF-HF is known via word-of-mouth communication, and wants to have a centralized location to post their organization's content and acquire sponsors.

End-User Goals ⚽

Users should be able to easily browse recipes, videos (embedded YouTube videos), register for cooking classes, and blogs, as well as learn more about the nonprofit and donate.

Design πŸ–Š

The HF-HF website has been designed with the goals of user accessibility and engagement being paramount. We structured the site so that a visitor to it can easily switch between pages, as well as seamlessly transition between its informational, donation, and social media portals.

The site grasps user attention via an aesthetic media carousel and inspiring written content, which is coupled with the ability of the user to facilitate the site's language translation feature to view its primary content (the "About" page") in Spanish. This site truly encapsulates the mission of Healthy Families, Healthy Futures.

Our Solution

Key Features

Display All Nutritional Content

Allows admins to easily create individual pages for recipes while also navigating between pages of the site and admin functionalities. This also allows admins to easily manage and publish to the monthly newsletter and upkeep the HF-HF blog.


Donate to HF-HF

The HF-HF Donation page allows donors to easily view and donate to HF-HF anywhere at any time, with options for donating only once or monthly through the online payment system PayPal. A donation form is provided where donor name, amount, and message can be inputted, and constant contact afterwards will confirm donation is received and provide updates to prior donors.

Get Involved

Learn About HF-HF

Learn About HF-HF allows users to explore the impact of HF-HF via a media carousel, view the mission statement, organization purpose, and a message from leadership, learn about HF-HF's administrative team & volunteers, and stay updated with HF-HF's general news and impact.

HF-HF About Page

User Flow 🌊

We compiled a series of webpages that encapsulates HF-HF's work atheistically and succinctly. After exploring the resources and content layout frameworks of other nonprofits which share a mission similar to that of HF-HF's, we decided to organize our site into six sections: home, about, recipes, events and classes, blog, and resources. A donation portal is featured at the top of the site. We believe that these design choices will display all of HF-HF's work beautifully, and engage audience attention.

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