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A volunteer management system to streamline the process for organizing Helping Mamas events.

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About Project

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We are designing a volunteer management platform for Helping Mamas that stores volunteers' basic information. Additionally, it will allow administrators to send out important notices, updates, and waivers before events as well as keep a record of volunteers' attendance statistics. In this way, volunteers can register for and attend an event more efficiently, administrators can interact with volunteers both before and after events, and volunteers' attendance can be tracked more accurately.

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Our Client

Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas is a nonprofit baby supply bank located in Georgia. They collect and distribute essential baby items (diapers, wipes, car seats, cribs, pack and plays and more) and period products to families with children up to age 12. Serving nearly 60,000 children a year with 2 million essential items, they do this by partnering with other nonprofits, corporations, and individuals to acquire donations which are then brought to a warehouse, sorted, and organized by volunteers. The sorted items are then distributed to other nonprofits to send out to families in need. On distribution days, volunteers assist with placing items in a van, which then goes into communities and serves all families that come.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

The client goal is to streamline the process of volunteering with a volunteer management system that allows for better tracking and organization of volunteers and gives admins more control over Helping Mamas events.

End-User Goals âš˝

Using this system, admins will be able to manage events, view each volunteer’s information, as well as keep track of their participation statistics and waivers signed. During each event, admins will use this system to check volunteers’ attendance. When a volunteer checks out, their hours will be automatically tracked for future reference. Volunteers can use this system to easily register for events, sign waivers, and view their participation statistics.

Technology đź’»

This system will automatically send emails (confirmation emails, reminders, event updates, and thank you emails) to engage volunteers. The final product will be a user-friendly web application linked to Helping Mamas' current website.

Design đź–Š

We hope Helping Mamas and their volunteers will find this product user-friendly and reliable enough to use it consistently. Ideally, it will help increase the volunteer retention rate as Helping Mamas grows into a larger organization.

Our Solution

Key Features


The Registration Process for the Helping Mama's is one of the most important features of the site as it allows volunteers to sign up for events and keep track of all of their volunteer information. This also helps the Helping Mama's keep track of all the volunteers available for the event, amount more volunteers they may need, and the volunteer's information so they can have a point of contact to confirm events.

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Shifts Dashboard

Helping Mamas relies on volunteers to sign up for shifts to keep their services going. As seen below, the shifts dashboard was redesigned to feature an internal calendar and a preview of upcoming shifts to provide more information on what type of shift is approaching and the number of slots still available.

Dashboard - Events Database - Expanded

Volunteer Dashboard

Volunteers are an integral part of this organization and so the focus of the Volunteer Dashboard was to create the ability to search for volunteers and have a more robust database with specific filters. As seen in the Volunteer Dashboard, admins can effectively view, search for, and edit volunteer information

Volunteer Database

User Flow 🌊

While creating user flow, the encompassing idea was to keep it as easy as possible for volunteers to check their hours, register for events, view the calendar, and keep track of their participation. The User Flow below demonstrates the ease in which a volunteer can view and search for all volunteer opportunities by searching by date, event, name, or group.

User Flow Volunteers