Hope Sustains Life

Inspiring hope in refugees by developing a platform to support and fund education for refugees.

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About Project

HSL Fall 2020: About Screenshot

When you search up Hope Sustains Life, your screen fills with the mantra and articles debating if the mantra is true. The nonprofit itself was small, did everything in-house with cash or check, and gained support by word of mouth. Our team's goal was to develop a website that give our nonprofit an online presence to share their mission and gather donations. With this website, the nonprofit can expand past the greater Atlanta area and garner attention worldwide.

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Our Client

Hope Sustains Life

Hope Sustains Life is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that focuses on supporting refugee students around the world. Education is a monumental stepping stone to guide these children towards a better life. Hope Sustains Life works with local organizations to build sustainable schools and provide basic schools supplies to open more opportunities to the refugee population.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

Hope Sustains Life wants to bring education to refugee students, especially in areas that don't have an established school system. This website will help them raise awareness on the importance of nurturing the young minds of our next generation, no matter who that might be.

End-User Goals ⚽

This website has been designed to blend information with captivating photos to capture the essence of Hope Sustains Life's work. Along with the content, this website is effortless for a visitor to browse information and make a contribution.

Technology 💻

The website uses React with NextJS to serve content to users quickly and easily. Data such as subscribers and blogs are stored with a mongo database. Uploaded media such as images are stored with Cloudinary. In order to accept online donations, our website has integration with Stripe.

Design 🖊

This website has been designed with unique visual product element to display Hope Sustains Life's features. Design the aesthetics feasible for software implementation, such as layout menus or drop-down options, ensuring all interactions are intuitive and clear.

Our Solution

Key Features

Donation Portal

A donor can quickly enter in all the necessary information to complete a donation to Hope Sustains Life.

HSL 2020: Donation Portal

Admin Functionality

The client has a straightforward dashboard to manage their blogs and subscribers, and track donations.

HSL 2020: Admin Functionality

Contact Us

A visitor can contact Hope Sustains Life directly by providing their name, email and inquiry.

HSL Fall 2020: Contact Us

User Flow 🌊

The website provides all the information that would satiate a curious mind.

HSL Fall 2020: User Flow

Our Team

Reflection 💬

Building a website for Hope Sustains Life has been such a cool experience. This was one of the first stepping stones that he took to officially establish Hope Sustains Life. We worked together from the ground-up to write meaningful content and choose features that will allow the nonprofit to flourish. From Carina's sleek designs to the developer's work to bring those pages to life, watching this project come together has been amazing. However, the most fulfilling part of this project has been collaborating entirely remote with a team that spans the United States.

Bernadette Bal

Bernadette Bal

"Hope Sustains Life was my second semester being on a project team and it has been just as fun and impactful as the last. Everyone has been welcoming and willing to help you learn, and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in this past semester thanks to their help. It’s been rewarding to see our work progress over these past few months for our nonprofit, and I’m excited to do it again with Bits of Good in the future!"

Dheeraj Bandaru

Dheeraj Bandaru

"It was a great learning experience for me as the whole team was super supportive and we were able to get a lot of work done and hopefully Hope Sustains Life enjoys what we have been able to create!"

Juliet Baldwin

Juliet Baldwin

"Working on Hope Sustains Life has been a great experience, and a lot of fun. I feel like I have learned a lot on this team, working together to build this website from the bottom up. Seeing all the progress we've made every week has been fantastic, and I can't wait to see how it may help our non-profit out in the field"

Matt Bernet

Matt Bernet

"I am very glad I chose to work on the HSL team this semester. Jillian and Sho are strong leaders and the rest of the team has been dedicated to making a great web app for a great nonprofit. Applying CS to good causes is a rewarding experience, especially when those you are working with think so too."

Varshita Patakottu

Varshita Patakottu

"Working with Hope Sustains Life has been really enjoyable this semester! I learned a lot working with my team, and it was amazing to see our hard work come together to form a meaningful solution for our client."

Queue Ed Sheeran's "Beautiful People".

"Queue Ed Sheeran's "Beautiful People"."