Mapscout is a general solution, completely free for non-profits, that makes it simple to build and customize interactive resource maps.

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About Project

Mapscout Fall 2020: About screenshot

Mapscout is intended for nonprofits who need a customizable and intuitive method to display location based data in a map format (think Yelp or Airbnb for nonprofits). As a custom solution turned general solution, Mapscout is striving to expand features that our existing clients want or will want. In addition, we are focusing on simplifying the presentation of our product in order to bring in new users to our ecosystem.

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Our Client

Bits of Good

Our targeted clients are organizations with a large network of physical resources and data who need to connect their user base with a map visualization. In total, we are catering to 9 unique non profits in varying domains. As we continue to expand, each bring a a new set of challenges that we adapt towards.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals πŸ₯…

As a potential client/admin user of Mapscout, I want to understand what Mapscout is, how it will help my organization, how Mapscout is currently utilized by other organizations, and how to sign up. The sign up should provide all necessary information and ask for all required information to get started with Mapscout.

End-User Goals ⚽

As an end user of Mapscout, I want to be able to intuitively search for a specific provider, locate a provider in relation to others, and filter providers by relevant categories.

As an existing admin user of Mapscout, I want to be able to quickly, add, delete, or edit both in bulk and individual providers.

Technology πŸ’»

Mapscout is a React app leveraging Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore. Our codebase is written in Typescript and CSS. We track crashes on Sentry and we are deployed through Netlify. For our homepage, we have a separate repository written in Svelte and sourcing from Prismic.

Design πŸ–Š

As a Mapscout product designer, I tackled redesigning the home page. The current Mapscout website does not have a way for users to directly sign up or log in, and the mission of the product is not clear. Therefore, I ended up designing the homepage so viewers are able to understand what Mapscout is, who it is for, and how it works. We have also chosen to highlight some of our favorite maps so users can see the product in action.

As a Mapscout product designer, I tackled redesigning the on-boarding page. While the current on-boarding page is functional, I worked on making it intuitive and re-designed the flow to better guide the users through the process!

Our Solution

Key Features


A potential admin user should be able to easily sign up, create an account, and integrate their specific data into Mapscout with minimal manual input with Mapscout members.

MapScout Fall 2020: Onboarding Feature


A potential client should be able to easily understand what Mapscout is, who is behind Mapscout, and what Mapscout can provide to them. We thus, have revamped our existing website ( to better suite our needs and portray our story.

Mapscout Fall 2020: Homepage Feature

Spreadsheet Import/Export

As an existing admin user of Mapscout, I want to be able to add or delete the data shown in large quantities rather than going through the existing manual singular entry process.

Mapscout Fall 2020: Spreadsheet Feature

User Flow 🌊

This user flow represents how a a potential admin user of Mapscout registers for our product. In addition, this user should be able to understand how Mapscout will help his/her organization and how Mapscout is currently utilized by others.

Mapscout Fall 2020: Homepage Flow

Our Team

Reflection πŸ’¬

Jeff Zhan, PMAs one of the last standing members from the PACTS era, I've been fortunate enough to see the tremendous change and growth with each iteration of our team. Despite the novel challenges we've faced, and with the odds against us, I'm proud of how everyone stuck together working towards a common goal. Most importantly, we learned and had fun on the way.Inika Gupta, DesignerIEven though we were working remotely and were spread across different timezones, we were able to effectively communicate and meet our goals! Everyone on the team was helpful and understanding! Although I wish I was able to attend other BoG events and meetings (which I couldn't because of time zone differences), it has been a great learning experience for me.

Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang

"Working with MapScout as a developer has been a great experience. Glad to have the opportunity bound with my teammates from whom I have learned so much, and, most importantly, to use our skills to build and collaborate for a good cause."

Mapscout Fall 2020: Jeff Zhan Profile

Jeff Zhan

"Coming back to Mapscout has exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure working with talented minds and watching the growth of Mapscout from our humble beginnings. "

Luke Kim

Luke Kim

"I had to go beyond my comfort zone frequently while I was on Mapscout. However, each challenge taught me new concepts and skills that made me a better developer. "

Scientists at Mapscout laboratories have researched ways to defeat coronavirus, but with no results because none of them are bio majors.

"Scientists at Mapscout laboratories have researched ways to defeat coronavirus, but with no results because none of them are bio majors."