Motherhood Beyond Bars

A caretaker-facing mobile app platform and an administrator-facing website portal to collect information, update forms, access information on caretakers, and streamline the onboarding process.

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About Project

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Our objective is to build a caretaker-facing mobile app platform that will help streamline MBB’s onboarding process and improve communication. Additionally, we aim to build an administrator-facing website portal for MBB to access and update all the information of their caretakers. We hope for our app to be intuitive for non-tech-savvy caretakers that need effective solutions to convey their needs. 

Motherhood Behind Bars

Our Client

Motherhood Beyond Bars

Motherhood Beyond Bars (MBB) connects caretakers with infants born to women in Georgia prisons. MBB provides resources and supplies to these caretakers in hopes to reunify families after.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

A mobile application for MBB's users that has a strong foundation to consistently update features to help caretakers and reintegrate the mothers into the child’s life. This application must also contain an administration side web portal for MBB employees.

End-User Goals ⚽

The end-users of this mobile application will be caretakers who will be taking care of the babies and contacting MBB for assistance. Caretakers should be able to intuitively navigate the MBB application to streamline the MBB onboarding process and improve communication between caretakers and the organization.

Our Solution

Key Features

Items Database

With a new and improved Items Database, Motherhood Beyond Bars is able to easily view the status of all item requests, including the information regarding where objects are supposed to be sent, to whom, and if there are any additional comments. Admins can then quickly and more efficiently complete and keep track of orders and update the status of completed or in-progress orders.

Item Requests

Caretaker Database

The Caretaker Database is a central hub for admins to view all of the caretakers that participate in Motherhood Beyond Bars, their contact information, and the families that the caretakers help with. This allows admins to keep track of who is in charge of whom and easily keep in contact with caretakers.

Caretaker Database (1)

Caretaker Resources

Being a caretaker is not easy. With the addition of a Caretaker Resources tab, caretakers can be provided with the resources they need to succeed. The Caretaker Resources tab includes FAQs and Links to helpful articles to aid the caretakers and guide them through the process of being a caretaker if they ever get stressed or have questions.

Caretaker Resources

User Flow 🌊

This user flow represents how a caretaker of Motherhood Beyond Bars can be onboarded as a caretaker and proceed to navigate the application. This demonstrates how caretakers can intuitively and quickly add to the Baby Book, receive MBB support, find caretaker resources, and update their profile.

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