Southface Energy Institute

Building an online library & project plan builder that can be searched, filtered, and aggregated in order to build a custom project plan for Southface Energy Institute.

Southface Energy Institute

About Project

Southface Energy Institute

Southface's EarthCraft program trains designers, engineers, and construction teams on a collection of high-performance building standards for construction or renovation and provides a practical blueprint for green building and sustainable development. The standards are created, maintained, and published by 3rd Parties. The prevailing format in which this information is published is inefficient for members of the EarthCraft program. This project will create a more accessible digital library of the individual standards that can be used to easily aggregate them into a single report.


Our Client

Southface Energy Institute

Southface Energy Institute promotes sustainable homes, workplaces, and communities through education, research, advocacy, and technical assistance. They partner with various designers, architects, builders, and construction teams to ensure that efficient, healthy housing is attainable and affordable for all. Additionally, they provide this service while reducing the environmental footprint of those they support.

Our Process

Product Scope

Client Goals 🥅

By creating an online library with a project plan of technical standards that can be searched, filtered, and aggregated, custom project plans can be built for a user (builder, design, architect, etc.) to be given to their construction teams (or other steak holders). This would allow for easier implementation of standards and troubleshooting issues with installation. Successful completion will increase use of Earth craft resources in planning by an estimated ~50%!

End-User Goals ⚽

End users should enjoy a more efficient and accessible digital library of technical standards to make projects more streamlined and manageable for the designers, architects, construction teams and other members of the Southface EarthCraft program.

Our Solution

Key Features

Digital Library

The digital library consists of technical standards that can be searched, filtered, and aggregated in order to build a custom project plan that a user (builder, designer, architect, etc) may give to their construction teams or other stakeholders. This makes it easier to implement standards and troubleshoot issues during the installation process.

Digital Library Standard View

Project Plan Builder

Working from either a blank project or a pre-made template created by Southface, users can add the technical standards needed for their specific project along with images of installed examples that have been uploaded.

Project Plan Builder