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Mentra is a service focused on breaking down the barriers holding back autistic individuals from entering the workforce. BoG partnered up to work on the core of this emerging service, developing the onboarding process and a web app for prospective employees to be matched with mentors and inclusive employers. Click to see an early demo!

In Development
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Nonprofit project portal

Given how many projects BoG manages each semester, we could use a tool to manage the entire roadmap process from project proposal to delivery. So, we spun up a team to make our dream app! This will be our new point-of-contact for nonprofits working with us, so check back this Spring to see the new onboarding process! For now, click to see a preview.

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PACTS is a Philadelphia-based project providing trauma relief services to afflicted children and families. Currently, it is difficult for those interested to see a map of available locations, along with the forms of therapy offered at each office. So, BoG is developing a web app to better navigate these available options. Click to see a preview of our app!

In Development
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First Step Staffing

As the name implies, FSS is driven to help the unemployed or homeless take the first step to finding part-time employment in their area. To better fulfill this mission, BoG is developing a solution for employee management by job site administrators. With this, site admins can easily log employee sign in and assign workers to particular sites.

In Development
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Volunteer Management Solution

Bits of Good is always getting requests along these lines: "Our nonprofit is tired of managing new volunteers through email, online forms, and spreadsheets. We wish we had a central portal to manage this process for us!" So, we've assembled a team to develop a general-purpose solution, with enough bespoke features to fit the needs of any nonprofit!

In Development
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One of our most impactful projects! Medshare benefits people around the world by delivering surplus medical supplies to communities in need. However, volunteers may lack the medical know-how to properly sort and classify these supplies. In response, BoG is developing a search engine + inventory monitoring tool that all volunteers can understand.

In Development
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Dream it Forward

This was among the first projects Bits of Good delivered for production use! This is a web app meant to connect Dream it Forward mentors with mentees, offering rich descriptions and communication options. This was pivotal in broadening the nonprofit's scope.

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Open Doors Atlanta

The Open Doors Atlanta project is still in its early days, requiring deeper communication with the nonprofit to decide on the best application for their needs. The impact Open Doors has had on housing in Atlanta is reason enough to be excited. The mockup phase is beginning this fall!

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International Rescue Committee

This inventory system is being developed as a pilot system for the Atlanta office of IRC. It is meant to track inventory usage at their shopfront, and log volunteer hours. Further, it can create reports regarding contributions.

In Development